Husband claims wife tossed baby from 4th story of parking garage suffered post partum depression

Baby dies after mother tosses him from 4th story of a parking garage

UC Irvine Medical Center where Sonia Hermosillo tossed her 7 month old baby from the 4th story of parking garage, killing him. Photo via UC Irvine Medical Center press photos.

Sonia Hermosillo, 31, the mother  of a baby she threw from the 4th story of a parking garage in Irvine, California, is purported by her husband to have suffered from post-partum depression. The baby, Noe Medina Jr., was born with several congenital birth defects including muscular torticollis and a flat head. Both of which can be treated and even corrected with the proper, committed interventions. Days after the infant died from his injuries and his wife was arrested, Hermosillo’s husband, Noe Medina, came out with a statement in support of his wife. He claims that she was deeply depressed after the birth of their son and it was compounded by the baby’s disabilities.

What doesn’t bode well for Ms. Hermosillo is that she took the baby’s helmet off before she tossed him over the side of the building, showing willful intent. Also, she went and got her parking ticket validated after she killed her son and before she left the parking garage in order to save herself the monetary cost to run in and kill her baby. The garage was a located at the University Hospital Irvine Medical Center where the baby was receiving treatment, however, they had no appointments that day. The hospital is rated among the highest in care in the nation.

Further compounding the tragedy, Hermosillo is an illegal immigrant from Mexico, so regardless of the high bail set for her release, she can be held indefinitely due to her immigration status.

While Herosillo’s husband continues to support his wife and refusing to assign blame for the murder due to her post-partum depression, the district attorney isn’t swayed. Farrah Emami, DA, said that it’s up to a jury to decide whether or not she was aware of her actions, but that there really isn’t a good excuse that exists to willfully kill an innocent baby.

Source: CBS News