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Report: D.C. councilman bought sports tickets with money for needy families

Over $135k spent from services fund on sporting events

Washington, D.C. Council member Jack Evans

A councilman in Washington, D.C., has spent over $135,000 on tickets for sporting events with money taken from a fund for needy families according to a new report.

D.C. Council member Jack Evans has spent a total of $437,720 from a city program designed to allow Council members to dole out cash for “citizen service programs” to pay for needy families day-to-day living expenses such as rent, food and utility bills.

But according to the Washington Post, Evans’ biggest spending expense from the fund was not to help constituents keep their lights on, but rather for high price tickets for seats at Washington Nationals and Washington Wizards games.

Evans claims most of the tickets were given away, and was quoted as saying, “I think it’s appropriate to support those teams and give them to constituents who otherwise may not be able to get to a game.”

Fellow council member Tommy Wells called the purchase of the tickets “inappropriate,” and that a review was needed to determine “what is the public purpose of these funds.”

Current council rules about the use of the money from the services fund are vague, simply stating that the maximum the fund can raise each year is $80,000, and that it must be spent to “promote residents’ ‘general welfare.'”

Under $3,000 of the fund was used for constituent utility bills, the Post reports.