Teen sexting ring busted in Vermont

Teen sexting ring broken up. Via Google Images

According to police, a group of nearly two dozen Vermont teenagers were involved in a sexting ring which circulated indecent photos and videos of female classmates.

The Milton Independent, which first broke the story, reported that five boys admitted viewing nearly 40 images and three videos (many of which were sent by cell phone). Milton Police say two of the five boys accessed and distributed the photos using school computers.

Detective Cpl. Paul Locke reported that 17 girls (ages 14 to 17) took photos of themselves and sent them to the boys, who forwarded them to an email account. He says many of the images qualify as child porn due to the ages of the subjects.

The offenses committed are not violent crimes since no one was physically harmed. In fact, school officials and police say there will be no formal charges, but the students involved in the operation must attend mandatory sessions with a school board. Their  punishment will probably involve counseling and close monitoring.

Sources: msnbc.msn.com and news.gather.com