Teen mother delivers premature infant after being shot dead

Chicago teenager was shot dead in drive-by shooter but baby survived

Pregnant teen fatally shot but doctors were able to save her baby. Photo via Kerryn du Plessis.

A 17 year old girl who was walking with her friends at around 10:15 pm on Chicago’s Southwest side when she was randomly shot dead by an unidentified man. The teen was 6 month pregnant. The pregnant victim, Charinez Jefferson, reportedly died shortly after she was shot multiple times in the heart with a final fatal shot to the back of her head. When medical crews arrived, they were able to monitor the baby’s vital signs and determine the fetus to be in stable condition.

Jefferson was the only one in her party who was shot as the others ran for safety. According to CBS News, the suspect was not recognized or believed to be anyone her friends recognized.

After Jefferson was brought to Advocate Christ Medical center, it was determined the teen mother couldn’t be saved so doctors turned their efforts towards saving the baby. The newborn infant was delivered via postmortem c-section. Although the baby boy was born extremely premature he was delivered alive. No further information is available on the newborn’s present condition or his chances of survival.