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Police smash car window to rescue lifelike doll

The doll was left in a car on a hot day - causing police to take action.

Police officers in Nottingham, England, have been left red faced after breaking into a car to save a baby they thought had been left in the car on a hot day…only to find that it was actually a lifelike doll.

These 'reborn' babies are designed to look like real newborn infants. Picture via Reborn Babies.

Five year old Chanel Cristofis had left her baby doll, Sam, in the car while she went to school, and her father went to work. A passer-by noticed the lifelike doll in the car, and reported it to police, who then decided to break the window in order to save the doll.

This wasn’t just any doll, however – Chanel’s baby Sam is worth £200, and is from a range of dolls who even have birthmarks and veins, and the Police weren’t the first to believe the doll was real.

Chanel’s mum revealed; “A woman in a supermarket saw Chanel shaking it and was horrified. She asked what sort of mother I was to allow my baby to be treated like that. I had to explain to her that it wasn’t real. She didn’t believe me at first then she inspected it and realised it was a doll. We ended up having a laugh about it.”

“I can’t seperate Chanel from Sam but I am a bit worried about what will happen next. She’s only had her a month and already the Police have been involved, I’m just wondering what’s next.” reported the Metro.