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U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh sued for $117,437 in owed child support

Ex-wife Laura Walsh wants Tea Party leader's driver's license suspended

Rep. Joe Walsh. Photo via Flickr Commons/markn3tel's Photostream

U.S. Representative and one of the outspoken faces of the Tea Party movement Joe Walsh is being sued for over $117,000 in child support his ex-wife claims he has not paid.

According to court documents filed this week, Laura Walsh petitioned the court to suspend Joe Walsh’s Illinois driver’s license until he settles up on his debt, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Illinois law allows for parents to request a hearing to ask the secretary of state’s office to suspend licenses of any parent more than 90 days behind on child support payments.

Other remedies in the state include interception of state and federal tax refunds, submitting information to consumer reporting agencies, private collection firms, and denial of renewal from other state licensing agencies.

Joe and Laura Walsh have reportedly been fighting over child support for more than nine years. Joe Walsh had supposedly told Laura that he was behind on support because he “was out of work or between jobs,” but Laura found out Joe had given his political campaign a personal loan for $35,000.

According to documents, it’s not the first time Laura Walsh has questioned Joe’s claim of having financial problems — in 2004, she filed a motion that claimed Joe had taken two international vacations while behind on support.

Joe Walsh’s attorney, R. Steven Polachek, defended Walsh saying he “disputes that he owes the child support that [Laura’s] claiming… Joe Walsh hasn’t been a big-time wage-earner politician until recently.”

In an interview with CNN, Joe Walsh seemed to imply the Sun-Times story was a political hit piece, saying, “I know that story just broke, and it’s interesting that it just broke right now as I’m out there trying my best to fight this President and fight the Democrats and solve this debt crisis.”

Walsh added, “I’m the most openly vetted candidate in the world. I have had financial troubles and I talked about them throughout the campaign. This is where real America is.”