Public speculation spreads in the case of missing girl Celina Cass

The public demands answers on Facebook as they look deeper into step-father's Facebook page. Step father is not currently a suspect.

Celina Cass, age 11, New Hampshire disappeared mysteriously Monday evening from her family's home.

When a child as young as Celina Cass disappears into thin air, the public starts putting on their amateur sleuthing hats.

In the past few years, the Internet has provided a digital meeting ground and exchange of ideas over missing children’s cases. In fact, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has embraced social media to blast Amber Alerts and reports of missing children. They believe the timeliness of the reach of such vital information has helped find many missing children.

However, an Amber alert was not issued in the case Celina Cass who went missing sometime the evening of Monday, July 25th and Tuesday, July 26th and police and FBI officials are saying that there is no evidence at this time that Celina was taken, abducted or that a struggle ensued.

Adding the mystery of the missing 5th grader, who classmates say is well liked, was crime scene tape set up around her New Hampshire house, where she lives with her mother, sister and stepfather. Is this simply standard protocol or have authorities found evidence they’re withholding from the public?

While the press conferences offer very little about what investigators have found, Facebook members have been busy scouring for its only clues through the family’s various Facebook pages. While Celina’s step-father, Wendell Noyes, has not been named a person of interest and authorities have not even mentioned any possibility that he is involved whatsoever, Facebook posters have drawn their own conclusions based solely on the step-father’s Facebook page leaving some to ask, is it fair to hold a public trial of a man who hasn’t even been presented by authorities as a suspect in the case?

Wendell Noyes, step-father to missing girl Celina Cass has undergone harsh criticism on Facebook.

Last night on the Nancy Grace show, a panel of experts also brought up what they considered to be odd behavior on Noyes’ Facebook wall. A married man and a step-father, a precursor look at his page shows scores of women dressed in skimpy clothing with activities and interests which include “HOT GIRLS — MEET HOT GIRLS TODAY!” AND THE “FDC – Dating Club” which a place for singles to meet other people. His apparent penchant for women however, does not mean he’s guilty of any crime.

But the public isn’t buying it. Unconfirmed reports from Mock Forums also reveal that Noyes’ may have several convicted sex offenders in his immediate family. Whatever the reason, the police and FBI are keeping most of the details of this case close to the vest and if they have any suspicions about a possible suspect, they aren’t saying.