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Toddler undergoes multiple surgeries after swallowing lithium battery

One year old Kacen Pedrucci recovers after he swallowed a battery that corroded his esophagus. Screen shot via WMTW.

A 17 month old toddler from Deer Isle Maine is about to embark on his 5th surgery to keep his esophagus from closing after he swallowed a lithium battery back in May. Seventeen month old Kacen Pedrucci made several trips to the emergency room after he spiked a high fever and started vomiting. Doctors assumed the little guy had the flu and was sent home, but things got worse for him. Finally, at the parents behest, they convinced the doctors that this wasn’t the flu. AnĀ  x-ray was ordered and what the doctors found was a flat, coin shaped battery lodged in the toddler’s esophagus. Apparently the toddler got the battery out of a talking book and swallowed it.

Litte Kacen isn’t out of the woods yet though. He’s had to endure multiple surgeries to keep his esophagus open. The batter acid damaged his esophagus to the point that the swelling has been a challenge to control. The boy’s mother, Kalashai Pedrucci, told WMTW that she felt stupid — like she was causing the hospital problems for refusing to leave and insisting something further was wrong with Kacen but says now she’s glad she was persistent or Kacen might not be here today. Kacen’s father, Gary, said that his son kept putting his finger in his mouth, as to show them something was wrong with his throat. His parents are paying special attention to child-proofing batteries after the incident.