Chinese doctors remove 50cm sword from boys head

Zhang Bin miraculously survives shock sword accident

It is not known if Zhang Bin will suffer any problems due to his accident. Photo via Metro.

Zhang Bin, aged 15-years-old, said he invited a group of teenage boys to his house, and one bought the 50cm large sword with him.

“Three classmates came to visit me at home and one of them bought a sword. He stood 3 – 4 metres away. I don’t know how the sword could fly to me and stab into my head. I felt sharp pains and a large amount of blood streaming down.”

He visited the local hospital but they could not help, stating they were too inexperienced. He was forced to travel for 4 hours to Changsha, where more experienced surgeons very carefully removed the embedded sword.

Afterwards, the surgery chief said; “Luckily, the knife didn’t touch the arteries in the skull and key nerves, otherwise it would have been a different story.”