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Toddler dies after being strangled by blind cord

3-year-old was in cot when she was found unconcious

The girl, who lived in Sydney, was in found unconscious in her cot by her father at 1pm on Friday. He rushed her to hospital, where she was placed on a life support machine.

The name of the toddler has not been released to the media. Photo via SXC.HU.

At 11.50am today, her life support machine was switched off, said a police spokesperson. Her death is not being treated as suspicious.

It is unknown if the toddler was playing with the blind cord or if it became tangled around her neck as she slept, but the tragedy happens as Australian Police urge parents to watch their children more carefully, following a string of child safety incidents.

A six-year-old girl fell three metres out of a window onto concrete yesterday – fortunately she is now in a stable condition in hospital, although details of her injuries are unknown.

Since 1990, 15 children in Australia have been strangled or choked by blind or curtain cords – a figure which is steadily rising, despite plenty of advice to cut cords short and keep them unreachable.

Other advice included remembering that fly-screens are not designed to be child-proof, that windows should be locked if children are around and that furniture should not be placed near walls.