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Man rescues 4-month-old baby from drowning in river

Passer-by sees pram rolling into York

A 31-year-old woman, who has not been named, was pushing her baby girl near to Lendon Court in York, England, when she stopped to help her eldest child do up her coat.

The River Ouse is a popular walking route. Picture via Geograph.

As she let go of the pram, it began to fall, and rolled into the river. 46-year-old David Atkinson jumped in after the pram, attracted the attention of two other men who assisted with the rescue. They grabbed the baby, and bought her back to her mum.

“It felt like it was in slow motion – like something out of a film. I was so scared. I ran and tried to grasp the handles of the pram, but I couldn’t and it went into the water. I thought, there is nothing else to do but jump in after her.”

“Yes I was scared, but I had to try. Luckily, she wasn’t under long. I then just gave the mum a hug – I think I said something daft like ‘just make sure she has a good life’.”

Both mother and baby were described as shaken but unharmed, and have declined to be named, according to Sky News.