30 people feared dead after shooting in Oslo Children's Camp

Man dressed as policeman shoots Children's Camp after 7 die in Government building bombing

A man dressed as a policeman has entered a youth camp is Oslo and killed an estimated 30 people, immediately after 7 died in a bomb attack on an Oslo Government building.

Oslo is regarded as a calm, safe place to live, so the latest bombings have come as a shock. Photo via SXC.HU

The youth camp is located on an Island on the outskirts of Norway, close to the capital of Oslo. Norwegian Police now fear that there may be further explosives on the Island.

The camp was hosting a summer event for around 600 teenagers aged between 14 and 18 years old. The Prime Minister was also due to attend the event today.

People were seen swimming away from the island as the attack began, while others began running and screaming. 19-year-old Emilie Bersaas was on the island at the time, and told the media;

“People are very shaken up as we do not know who is fine and who is not. There are a lot of people I do not know anything about. It was terrifying – at one point the shooting was very close to me, and hit the building I was in. The people in the next room screamed loudly.”

An eyewitness reported seeing between 25 and 30 bodies. A tall, blonde man was shot during the incident, and arrested afterwards. He spoke fluent Norweigan, and Police said they would be questioning him to see if he was linked to the earlier bombing.

Fabian Stang, the Mayor of Oslo, said he was in disbelief that Norway would come under terrorist attack. He said he wished he had been on the island; “To stand in front of the young people and ask the gunman to shoot me instead.”

Sky have reported that a specialist SWAT team managed to capture the gunman alive, and hoped to find out if any more attacks were planned. Immediately after the bombing, they told people to avoid gathering in large groups, using mobile phones and going into the city centre.

This is believed to be the worst the deadliest attack on Norway since WW11, according to Sky News.