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Psychologist: Spoiled brats becoming more violent

Increase in 'lashing out' in children who do not 'get their own way'

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According to a prominent UK psychologist, spoiled children are turning to violence in higher numbers when their parents do not give in to their many demands.

Dr. Aric Sigman, a fellow at the Royal Society of Medicine and author of The Spoilt Generation, analyzed various studies, psychologist observation reports and police reports throughout the United States, Britain and New Zealand and noticed in uptick in physical behavior amongst children, and the age levels of the outbursts are going down all the way “to nursery level,” in a report by the Daily Mail.

Sigman told the paper, “[Children are] swearing and throwing chairs at their teachers at younger and younger ages. It isn’t surprising this is happening in a domestic setting. Parent abuse and parent battery appear to be on the rise and what seems to underlie this is to do with parenting, the lack of boundaries and the reversal of authority.”

He added, “It’s the extreme end of the spoilt generation where they actually lash out at parents, almost exclusively their mothers… They’ll beat up their mothers if they don’t get what they want now… I’m talking about younger and younger children, including girls, beating up their mothers and kicking them down the stairs… It’s a very dark area that isn’t being addressed.”

Reportedly 11 percent of children are estimated to have been physical with their parents at some point, and a government report in England showed that every day 15 kids between the ages of 4 and 6 are being “excluded from school each day for attacking teachers.”

Dr. William Shanahan says the increase is due to a “generation of children who are not getting simple ground rules, where boundaries are put in place.”

Shanahan added, “It’s got to the point where people aren’t correcting their children any more.”