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Young mum smashes leg in horror bungee jump

22-year-old woman breaks leg in four places on charity bungee jump

A 22-year-old mum has been left with a smashed leg after completing a 200ft charity bungee jump for Help for Heroes.

A screenshot of Katie's jump yesterday, via the Mirror.

Katie allegedly told organizers that her harness was too tight and her foot was going blue, but organizers assured her she would be fine…until she made the jump, and onlookers saw her wince in pain as her leg made a sickening crack.

Paramedics filled Katie with morphine, and called her ‘very brave’ as they rushed her to hospital. X-rays showed her femur was broken in four places, and she is expected to have the leg pinned at some point today.

The company who arranged the charity jump, Bungee Adrenaline, then sent Katie a text reading; “Was it just a pulled muscle? Speedy Recovery.”

They denied that the harness was too tight, claiming that the harness cannot be too tight for this type of jump, and said this was the first accident that had occured in 18 years. Katie signed a waiver before completing the jump, meaning she cannot claim against them, and the Mirror reports that the police are not investigating.