Update: Breast milk sprayer fired from teaching job

Woman who sprayed deputies with breast milk is let go for "conduct unbecoming" of the profession

Stephanie Robinette via 10tv.com

In an update to the June 27 post regarding Ohio mother Stephanie Robinette, the Columbus Dispatch is now reporting that Robinette has been fired from her teaching job in response to the allegations that she was involved in a domestic dispute and sprayed the responding deputies with breast milk. Robinette was working for the Summit Academy Charter School teaching second and third grades. The school informed the state Board of Education that she was fired for “conduct unbecoming” of her position.

On Saturday, police were called following a domestic dispute between Robinette and her husband at a wedding reception. Her husband reported that she was intoxicated and struck him before locking herself in their car. When deputies tried to remove her from the car she yelled profanities, told them she was a breastfeeding mother, and then proceeded to spray them with milk from her right breast. She pleaded not-guilty to a list of charges on Monday and was released pending a mental-health assessment.

Robinette’s attorney said that his client admits to being drunk, and says she sprayed the deputies in an attempt to prove that she was breastfeeding; she was concerned that being detained in jail would make it impossible to feed her child. He notes that she had pumped enough breast milk to allow her 9-month-old to be bottle fed so that she could drink alcohol at the wedding.  He added that she has not yet received the termination letter because she is not currently staying at her home address.