Octomom brands children 'disgusting animals'

Nadya Suleman admits she 'loathes' her children

Nadya Suleman has raised concerns about how she is coping being a mum-to-many, after branding her children ‘disgusting animals’.

A released photograph of Nadya with one of her 14 children.

The mum insisted she does love her children, but admitted to loathing them too.

Ms Suleman became only the second woman to give birth to a full set of octuplets in 2009, following IVF treatment. Not all of the first set survived for longer then a week.

However, public opinion soon turned against Nadya when it emerged that she has no partner, and she began signing her children up for multiple media deals, such as allowing camera to record their lives 24/7.

“They are getting more and more out of control because I have no time to properly discipline them. The only way I can cope is to lock myself in the bathroom and cry.” The Metro reported Nadya are saying.

It comes only a short time from when her fertility specialist was struck off the medical register.