Teen hacker diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome

The 19-year-old hacker arrested on suspicion of masterminding hacking group LulzSec and hacking into websites such as the UK’s Serious Organized Crime Agency, the CIA and the US Senate.

Cleary was arrested from his Essex home on June 20th. Photo via Twitter.

Ryan Cleary has been assessed by psychologists after his arrest, who has diagnosed the teen with Aspergers, a form of Autism.

Aspergers is a condition whose sufferers have significant difficulties with social interaction, along with having restrictive and repetitive interests.

The City of Westminster Magistrates Court granted Ryan bail, on the condition that he have no access to the internet, and no access to any device which could access the internet. He must also both reside and sleep at his Essex home.

As Cleary stood in court, he did not enter any plea against the five charges of computer misuse he is facing.

Prosecutors immediately objected to Ryan’s bail, and he will now spend the weekend in jail before appearing back in court on Monday, when an appeal will be heard.

The charges against Ryan include conspiring with others to create a “botnet”; or network of remotely controlled computers, on or before June 20th 2011. Prosecutors claim that the purpose of this botnet was to carry out denial of services (DDoS), which flood websites with extremely large amounts of traffic to make them crash.

LulzSec have publicly denied that the teenager is a member of their organization. The LulzSec Twitter account has continued to be updated since Ryan’s arrest.

Ryan is due to appear in court again on the 30th August to enter a plea, and undertake case management.