2 year old travels 28km on his own

A toddler has managed to travel 28km (24 miles) on a bus on his own, until the bus driver realised he was unaccompanied.

The toddler was unaccompanied on the bus for 50 minutes.

It is believed that the boy, dressed in a nappy and pyjamas, managed to board the bus quietly and seated himself on the back seat. It was only when the bus reached it’s destination that the driver noticed the boy was unaccompanied. He made the 28km trip from Wales to Shrewsbury, sat among a group of teenagers.

A female passenger bought the boy a clean nappy and wipes, and took him to a police station.

The director of operations at Tanat Valley Coaches and Motors, who ran the service, told the media.

“Everyone on the bus naturally assumed the child’s parents were on there and didn’t make any comment about the child sitting on the back seat among a small group of teenagers. The bus driver tells me the child wasn’t in any way distressed, and did not call out for his mother or father at any stage.”

“When the last of the people started to get off the bus, the driver asked, ‘What about your child?’ to which everyone responded, ‘it’s not mine’.

Police in Wales have arrested and bailed two people, who are now being investigated by child protection services.

The inspector called the case ‘highly unusual’, and said a ‘thorough investigation’ was now underway.