Bellfield Found Guilty of Milly Murder

Levi Bellfield has been found guilty of murdering 13 year old schoolgirl in 2002.

Bellfield now has three murder convictions, making him Britain's latest serial killer.

The conviction brings one of Britain’s most notorious unsolved murders to a close. Amanda Dowler was abducted while walking home, after sharing chips with friends at a train station. Initially, there was no clues as to where she had gone – no CCTV, no witnesses and no forensic evidence.

Police originally put her father Bob Dowler under survilience after finding out that Milly had found an ‘extreme’ adult magazine, and had been upset by this. She had reportedly threatened to run away from home.

Officers did carry out house-to-house investigations, including trying Bellfield’s house 11 times. They never managed to speak to him, and did not visit him at his new home.

The case against Bellfield was based around circumstantial evidence, but was very convincing. His actions fitted in perfectly with his criminal past, and even his ex-girlfriend testified that looking back, she believed Bellfield was responsible.

Bellfield was uncontactable on the day Milly went missing. He lured her into his flat, on her walk home, and killed her in the flat. He then left her body there while he returned to his house, where his girlfriend was. In the middle of the night, he went home to dump Milly’s naked body on his usual dog-walking route. He also threw away the bedclothes, and got rid of his girlfriends car.

Bellfield is already serving a life sentence for killing Marsha McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange, aged 19 and 22. He bludgeoned them to death after they had had a night out, and his behaviour was very similar to when he killed Milly. He was also found guilty of the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy, who he tried to run over.

Bellfield refused to give evidence in his own trial, which many people took to be a sign of guilt.

As the guilty charge was read out, Milly’s family broke down.


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