2-year-old's teddy is kidnapped for $9,000 worth of cake

A 2 year old boy’s teddy bear has been stolen by kidnappers, who are demanding $9,000 (£6,000) worth of gluten-free cake to return the bear.

The ransom note was a small printed note, stuck over one of the posters. Photo via SXC.HU

The ordeal began when Donovan Bortner-Palmer lost his bear in the playground a month ago. Donovan loved his bear, and repeatedly asked his Mum for it, so she decided to put up posters to try and get the bear back.

The posters offered baked goods as a reward to anyone who returned the bear, but The Metro reports that someone stuck another notice over one of the posters, demanding $9,000 worth of cake – and specifying that he wanted gluten free, and no peanuts.

Mrs Bortner isn’t convinced that the kidnapper has the bear, however.

“Donovan mentions Bear every day. It just seems so unfair that these people would keep him from a little boy. If I thought the ransom was real and I had some evidence that Mr Bear really was being held hostage, I would do my best to meet their demands.”

The kidnapper has asked Mrs Donovan to take the cakes to the poster alone, where they will exchange the cakes and the bear. They say they will be dressed as a pregnant woman with a stroller. Finally, the poster warns that if their demands are not met, Mr Bear will ‘go into the washer – no gentle cycle’.