Bellfield refuses to take stand at Milly Dowler trial

Levi Bellfield, the man accused with abducting and murdering Milly Dowler in 2002, has refused to give evidence in his own defence at the trial.

The trial will now be summed up, and the jury asked to make a decision on Bellfield's guilt.

While Bellfield has denied killing Milly throughout the trial, he declined to take to the stand and give his own accounts of the events being discussed at length during the trial. This includes evidence given by Milly’s parents, Bellfield’s ex-girlfriend and a friend who helped Bellfield clean the house hours after Milly went missing.

Bellfield’s barrister simply stated, “The defence calls no evidence in this case” and confirmed that his client understood that the jury can make conclusions from his relunctance to defend himself. The jury was informed that Bellfield did give evidence at his previous trial, when he was convicted of murdering 19 year old Marsha McDonnell, 18 year old Amelie Delagrange and the attempted murder of 18 year old Kate Sheedy.

The prosecution then accused Bellfield of ‘ducking’ the chance to explain himself to the jury, and depriving them of the opportunity to hear his side. He claimed that ‘countless examples of evidence’ would remain unexplained due to his decision.

“The defendant has chosen not to give evidence. There is a wealth of evidence in this case regarding his conduct, his actions and his words around the time of Milly’s disappearance that you would have wanted him to explain and have tested under oath from the witness box. He has deprived you of that opportunity.”

Mr Altman branded Bellfield a liar who had no innocent explanation for his actions, and claimed that he knew the jury believed he was lying in his last court case.

Milly’s trial is full of evidence which seems to point to Bellfield. It is alleged that Milly was abducted by Bellfield and taken straight to his flat, just yards away. His car was seen on CCTV just 22 minutes after Milly disappeared, and was then reported stolen. It has not been seen since. Bellfield and a friend emptied the flat they were staying in at the time, and moved away immediately. A wealth of information given by his ex girlfriend also suggested Bellfield’s guilt, with his disappearance around the time of Milly’s death almost identical to his behaviour after he murdered previously.

Rachel Cowles also took to the stand to claim that the day before Milly disappeared, Bellfield had tried to abduct her, aged 11.


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