Police find syringes and heroin in and around a toddler's crib

Jason Tomblin and Ashley Merz arrest photos. (Courtesy, Grayslake Police Department)

Police arrested two parents in Grayslake, Illinois after allegedly finding several hypodermic needles, baggies filled with heroin, and other drug-related items in and around a toddler’s crib.

Officers went to the apartment on June 7 to attempt to serve Jason Tomblin, 27, with a Lake County Warrant, but ended up arresting Tomblin and Ashley Merz, 23. While arresting Tomblin, the officers made observations that led them to speak with the Merz’s mother (who holds the lease on the apartment). She gave officers permission to search the bedroom shared by Tomblin, Merz and their 3-year-old son.

Police found hypodermic syringes, some baggies with a white residue that field-tested positive for heroin, cannabis pipes and other drug paraphernalia, and some unidentified pills in the room, police said. Some items, including some of the needles, were allegedly found in and around the crib where the 3-year-old sleeps.

Tomblin was arrested on the warrant for failure to appear in court for previous charges (including obstruction of justice, destroying evidence, knowingly damaging property and theft). Merz was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing justice.

Both parents were transported to Lake County Jail, where they are being held in lieu of bond. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services will open an investigation with regard to the 3-year-old’s living conditions, but at this time the child is still living at the residence with his grandmother, according to police.

Source: http://triblocal.com/grayslake/2011/06/14/grayslake-police-allegedly-find-needles-heroin-in-toddlers-crib/