Boys eat Denny's pancakes for 24 hours

Seven boys from Trabuco Hills High School have marked memorial weekend in a very unique way – they’ve consumed pancakes for 24 hours straight.

Denny's is a popular pancake store which advertises itself as being open 24/7

The boys arrived at Denny’s at 9am on Sunday, and ordered the ‘All You Can Eat’ deal for $4. They took a range of items to keep them entertained, including laptops and board games, and ended their session at 9am on Monday.

The store recorded that the boys consumed 301 pancakes, an average of 43 per person, at a cost of 7,000 calories each. That doesn’t count any of the extras the boys might have added to the pancakes, such as butter, sauces and syrups.

The night didn’t run as smoothly as expected, however. At around midnight the manager of Denny’s, who had been warned about the boy’s plans beforehand, ran out of ingredients and had to rush out to get more. One child threw up, one fell asleep on the toilet and another bound his wrists with tape and tried to escape, mirroring Houdini’s famous tricks.

They also tried to find ways to break up eating so many pancakes, ordering bacon in between courses, and one boy crushed his pancake into water to find another way to consume it.

The boys wore printed blue t-shirts while they held the event, and plan to repeat it next year. They have also videoed the whole 24 hours, and submitted this to the Guinness Book of Records, in the hope of getting their achievement┬árecognized. They’ve also sent their mammoth receipt, which measures 6 foot!

Afterwards, the 17 year old boys talked about their motives, saying that they thought it would be “fun” and “Plus, we wanted to be stupid teenagers.”

An eighth boy did attend the event for a few hours, but then left. The boys parents have not commented on their childrens feat.