WA court denies father's right to attend murdered son's funeral

Gabriel Wilson, father of murdered teenage son was denied release for his son's funeral. Wilson is currently being held on assault charges. He has plead not guilty. Screen shot via King 5 News.

Gabriel Wilson acted emotionally and violently after his 16 year old son was shot and killed while they attended a birthday party in the courtyard of their apartment complex. Wilson apparently witnessed the shooting and watched his son die before him. Wilson was so emotionally distraught and angry, he allegedly sought retaliation and took a gun from somebody at the party and started randomly shooting the gun into an apartment where he thought the suspected shooter lived. Wilson was subsequently charged with first degree assault as nobody was hurt, however, as it turns out, the residents of the apartment Wilson shot at were not involved in the shooting of his son.

The funeral of Adrian Wilson, 16, the son of Gabriel Wilson was held yesterday but a Kent judge denied him a temporary release in order to attend the funeral. Wilson is currently being held on a $750k bond. The Wilson family were reportedly shocked and visibly angry. They shouted in the court room their disapproval of the judge’s decision. Prosecutors made the argument that Wilson was a public risk since he had already proven he wanted revenge for his son’s death. The judge would not even consider allowing Wilson to bury his son with a police escort or ankle bracelet.  Family members said that Wilson is devastated.

Meanwhile, the suspect in his son’s shooting has been caught and charged in the death of Adrian Wilson according to KOMO News. James Anthony Mills, 16, was caught while trying to sneak into his mother’s home dressed in disguise, as a woman, when police caught him. Mills was also armed at the time of his arrest. He claimed he was carrying a gun for protection, in fear of Adrian’s father, Gabriel Wilson, because Wilson had been questioning family members and friends and was trying to seek some sort of retaliation.