Four year old artist sells work for tens of thousands of dollars

Like most 4-year olds, Aelita Andre loves to paint multicolored, splatter-filled pictures. The spirited Russian-Australian girl also loves to tell stories and shout at her paintbrushes while she’s doing it. Unlike other 4-year olds, her paintings don’t always end up on the refrigerator–more than 200 of her works have sold for tens of thousands of dollars to collectors from around the world.

In an interview with Reuters, her father, Michael Andrew (also a painter) said “I first noticed it in her playgroup when she was doing her water colors on paper, and to me, I just naturally saw abstract representations, objects and scenes and various things.” It is noted on her website that she’s widely considered the “youngest professional painter in the world.”

Young Aelita has already been compared to such giants as Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Salvador Dali, and she’s been doing it almost since birth. Her first solo show took place in her home town of Melbourne as a 1-year-old. She painted live in Hong Kong for an hour in front of international TV crews t the age of 2. 60 Minutes ran a special report on her for American audiences— “The Next Big Thing” — when she was still being bottle-fed. Now, she’s headed for New York City. An Aelita Andre  solo exhibition,“The Prodigy of Color,” will be hosted by the Agora Gallery in Manhattan’s hip Chelsea neighborhood from June 4 to 25. She’s finally hit the big time at the ripe old age of 4.