Serenity Parenting – The next big trend

A new trend is taking over parenting – Serenity Parenting. This approach involves taking a more relaxed stance towards parenting, and allowing your children to take more control.

Caplan suggests a relaxed, impulsive parenting style; more fun for parents and children.

The craze has gathered pace since Dr Bryan Caplan published a book about it, called ‘Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids’. It is being publicised as the exact opposite to the ‘Tiger Moms’ approach made famous by Amy Chua, author of ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom’. Chua claimed parents should push their children from a young age, and exercise tough love.

Caplan states parents are ‘overcharging’ each child, and making parenting look like hard work, putting off other potential parents. He also suggests a more relaxed approach to education, telling parents not to force their children to be involved in music or drama if they don’t enjoy it.

“The idea that parenting has become the overwhemingly most important gauge of how a child will turn out is completely¬†implausible.” stated Dr Ellie Lee, from Kent University.