Newborn baby boy survives 8 story fall down trash chute

Walt Whitman Houses in NYC, where a newborn was tossed down a trash chute and survived. Photo via Google Maps.

A teen mother who gave birth to a baby boy and then proceeded to toss him down a trash chute in a Brooklyn, NY housing project, has been arrested. Police believe the baby’s mother, 18 year old Laquasia Wright, intended to kill the newborn baby. The baby apparently survived the steep fall because he landed on a bunch of garbage which is thought to have cushioned his fall. The trash compacter was also jammed, giving the infant another lucky break towards his survival.  He was found when a maintenance worker heard the faint cries coming from the trash compacter and rescued the newborn.

New York is a state which has newborn relinquishment protection laws. Under the Abandoned Infant Protection Act, a parent has 30 days to relinquish a baby to an approved authority without prosecution or question. The infant was taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be in stable condition. DCFS is investigating and trying determine if the infant can be placed with a family member for the time being.

The Winona Daily News reports that neighbors described the teen mother as, “sweet” and “scared”. Apparently her family, whom she was living with, were unaware of the pregnancy. Police say that Wright was trying to hide it from them.