Metropolitan Police join search for Madeleine McCann

David Cameron has written to Madeleine McCann’s parents promising the support of the Home Secretary and the Metropolitan Police in the search for missing Madeleine McCann. It follows an emotional plea from Kate and Jerry McCann yesterday, on what would have been Madeleine’s 8th birthday.

A photo of Madeleine McCann, released by her family.

The official Portuguese inquiry ended in July 2008, and there has been no real activity on the case since, although Madeleine’s parents have¬†continuously employed private detectives to continue the search.

Mr Cameron wrote an open letter to The Sun newspaper, which Madeleine’s parents used to make their plea, promising the help.

“I simply cannot imagine the pain you must have experienced over these four agonising years, and the strength and determination you have shown throughout is remarkable. I have asked the home secretary to look into what more the government can do to help find Madeleine.

She will be writing to you today, setting out new action involving the Metropolitan Police Service which we hope will boost efforts in the search for Madeleine.”

Kate McCann’s book, Madeleine, was released on Wednesday, with the aim of raising funds to continue the search. Kate said it will also provide a truthful account of what happened for their twins, who are now six.

The British government was involved in the initial search, with Forensic Science Services testing samples, and various police forces providing translators, sniffer dogs, family liason officers and child abduction officers.