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Potential malpractice suit: Surgeon operates on 4 year olds wrong eye

Jesse Matlock, age 4, from Vancouver, Washington recovers after surgeon allegedly operates on wrong eye. Screen shot via KATU News.

Jesse Matlock, age 4, had a wandering eye. Literally. His eye was lazy and wandered so his parents decided to move forward with surgery to correct the problem. Turns out, it caused more problems for the little boy than the original problem because the surgeon allegedly operated on the wrong eye. Jesse’s mother, Tasha Gaul, said that her and her husband were in complete shock. The boy’s doctor, Dr. Shawn Goodman of Lake Oswego, Oregon apparently admitted that she operated on the wrong eye shortly after the surgery was completed, claiming she lost her sense of direction.

According to KATU News Portland, the surgeon was supposed to operate on the right eye but inadvertently operated on the left eye. Jesse’s parents asked if the operation could be done on the correct eye, which it was, however, Gaul says that her son’s wandering eye has not improved much after surgery and that the right eye is starting to wander now.

Jesse’s father, Dale Matlock, said that hospital staff actually circled the correct eye with a marker, but Dr. Goodman operated on the wrong eye even after certain mistake precautions were taken. The family is now considering a malpractice suit. It is currently unknown what the consequences of this medical mishap will be on young Jesse’s vision going forward.