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Mom will go to prison for 10 years: Toddler died while she was on Facebook

Shannon Johnson, 34, sentenced to 10 years for the death of her toddler while she was on Facebook. Photo via the Weld County Sherrifs Department

Colorado mom, Shannon Johnson, was arrested and pleaded guilty to child negligence which ultimately lead to her toddler son’s death. Apparently Shannon Johnson routinely left her 13 month old toddler alone in the bathtub so she could have uninterrupted time online, playing Cafe World and doing other reading and surfing while on Facebook. Baby Joseph wound up drowning to death the last time she tried it, back in September 2010. Her excuses for leaving the toddler alone, in the bathtub, raised authorities and the public’s eyebrows in a big way. Johnson, age 34, claimed that her toddler was extremely independent and had specifically asked to be left alone. She went as far as to say that she found it hard to say no to his request because she knew what it was like to be told no. Furthermore, she claimed that she didn’t want the baby to become a “mama’s boy”.

According to ABC 7 News, Johnson pleaded guilty to child negligence  in hopes of a lesser sentence or penalty. Yesterday, she was sentenced to 10 years in a prison and 5 years of parole upon release. She reportedly cried upon hearing the news.

Putting the mother’s story further into question was the fact that she claimed that little Joseph was just diagnosed with a seizure disorder only days before his death. Her mother claims she warned Shannon about leaving the toddler alone in the bathtub and that her daughter had promised not to do it anymore.