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An investigation into Gadhafi forces taking aim at children in Libya

Libyan Rebel protester. Photo via flickr commons by BRQ Network.

UNICEF is currently investigating reports that children have become the target of snipers the town of Misrata, Libya. The city is currently under the occupation of Libyan rebels but Gadhafi’s forces continue to battle the city in effort to take it back. The cities residents are quickly running out of food and water and have been “imprisoned” by the Gadhafi forces who sources say are aiming their guns at the rebel’s children. So far these claims have not been confirmed, but if true, could be a way for Gadhafi to further intimidate and instill fear into it’s citizens.

Misrata is the third largest city in Libya. According to Reuters, Gadhafi forces have been further criticized for their inhumanity, accused of parking their tanks and posting current regime supporters near and around Mosques and schools, making it increasingly difficult for rebel forces and NATO forces to take them out without causing civilian casualties. Adding to the demoralization of the rebel forces is NATO’s limited resources and intelligence which have lead to colossal mistakes of friendly fire and their limited air power to help the rebel forces.

So far, nobody has been able to confirm how many children have been murdered by Gadhafi forces. The Red Cross is working on getting supplies to the embattled city and other organizations have promised to investigate the potential war crimes against it’s children.