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NY Toddler in critical condition after suffering extensive abuse

Brookdale hospital where severely abused toddler was taken.

It’s likely that the 17 month old Bronx, NY toddler who is lying in Brookdale Hospital with life threatening injuries, has seen very little joy in his short life. Given the severity of his injuries, it is likely he has suffered immensely. Bookdale Doctors briefed detectives last night and early this morning about the baby’s condition. They surmise that the tot has endured extensive internal injuries and external injuries at the hands of a caretaker.

They explained that some of the boy’s injuries indicate that he has been the victim of atrocious abuse for some time now. Authorities were alerted to the abuse when someone called paramedics to the Cypress Hill Housing Complex where the boy’s foster mother and her boyfriend live. It is not yet clear the identity of the caller. There, first responders worked to stabilize the baby and found his body riddled with bruises. The baby was reportedly also experiencing difficulty breathing.

According to the NY Daily News, the boy lived with his foster mother. Police suspect that the foster mother and her boyfriend have delivered the near fatal blows to this little boy. Both are being investigated. Last night, police taped off the apartment where the alleged abuse happened and removed numerous bags full of evidence.