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Dad dresses up like a 'Ninja'; leaves 4 year old son home alone

Look out! I'm a Ninja! Photo by Vangelis Thomaidis

A 28 year old man reportedly told Scottsdale, Pennsylvania police that he was “doing nothing wrong” when they found him dressed up like a Ninja and playing all Ninja-like on Burroughs street, by himself. Police later found out that the man had a 4 year old son whom he left at home alone while he got his Ninja on. The incident happened last week in the middle of the day. According to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Ninja father, Ross Hurst, was asked by police why he was playing Ninja by himself and he replied, “There are not a lot of people who want to play ninja.” Ah…truer words were never spoken.

Police reportedly went into investigation mode as they found the story a bit bizarre. Imagine that. Upon interviewing family members, they found out the Ninja had a 4 year old son. According to police, they later went back to Hurst’s house to question him about where his son was while he played Ninja Warrior and that’s  when he told them that his son’s Grandmother would watch him during his fantasy games, but the Grandmother says that she was unaware of the situation and was never asked to watch the young boy. Hurst is now being charged with endangering the welfare of a a child. Perhaps next time, he’ll not be so greedy and he’ll teach his son the powers of the Ninja.

Hurst has several other pending allegations that his Ninja suit may not get him out of. On a separate account, he’s been accused by police of threatening to kill a man who he called and accused him of framing his friend who has been charged with possession of a controlled substance. Add to his charges, “Two counts of terroristic threats and two counts of harassment with lewd and threatening language.” Take that Ninja!