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Sister says Mom whose toddler was found dead in oven is 'not a bad mom'

Greenville, MS apartment complex where toddler was found cooked in oven. Screen shot via WXVT News.

A little boy, at the tender age of 3, was found dead, stuffed inside an oven. The boys mother, Terrie Robinson, age 24 has been charged with murder in connection with his burned body. Police say the boy, Tristan, was found charred and still “warm to the touch” when they recovered his body. The Washington County, Mississippi coroners report stated that the boy had injuries and trauma which may have been inflicted before he was put inside the oven or even more disturbing still, may have been asleep when he was put inside the hot oven. Police believe that the evidence supports the charges and inidcates foul play. The actual cause of death is still under investigation.

Terrie Robinson’s twin sister, Sherrie Robinson, was quoted telling WXTV, “She was a great parent, a good person. We don’t know what’s wrong.”

Also inside the apartment where little Tristan was found was a little girl who has since been placed into state custody. Terrie Robinson is currently in police custody, charged with murder and held on a $5 Million dollar bond.