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Man in drag tries to swipe toddler

San Diego street. Photo by Marcin Jochimczyk

A man dressed up as a woman tried kidnapping a toddler in San Diego, California to the dismay of the caregiver holding two toddlers. According to The San Diego Union Tribune, the woman reported to police that the man was dressed as a woman, wearing black pants and a blue and pink shirt. While the woman was holding the two tots, he came up to her and told her to ‘let one of the children go’ in Spanish. Allegedly, he also tried to physically take the child from the woman’s arms. When the woman screamed, the suspect let the child go. It is not yet clear if the woman is the children’s mother or how she is related to the toddlers.

The suspect is currently at large as described as a black male, around 5’7″ – 5’8″ and about 180 lbs. It was also reported that the man had an afro but police aren’t sure if it was a wig or not.  He was last seen fleeing on foot.