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Toddler trapped in Georgia bank vault; rescued

Baby stuck in vault being carried away by her mother. Screen shot via NY Daily News.

A Georgia toddler reportedly walked into a bank vault and was stuck behind the heavy, locked door for hours. Apparently the incident happened when a mother took her 14 month old daughter to a Wells Fargo bank in Conyers, GA. to pick up the child’s Grandmother, who works at the bank. The vault was set to automatically close a split second after the toddler wandered into the huge money safe. Witnesses and rescue personnel said they could hear the cries of the baby as they worked to open the safe. Since the safe was time locked, firefighters were unable to get it open without the assistance of a locksmith.

Rescuers had to pump air into the vault as the vault creates an air tight seal once closed. The vault was finally opened and the baby was hastily carried out in her mother’s arms, wrapped in a blanket. While the toddler was unharmed, she was reportedly found with an extremely soiled diaper.  According to The NY Daily News, police reported that the incident was an accident, saying the baby wandered off without notice and walked straight into the vault while her grandmother was closing up the bank.