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Americans flee Libya with tales of children being slaughtered

Americans flee Libya with their children. Screen shot via amatuer video posted on youtube.

Many American expats in Libya are thankful today to have fled what they described as “carnage”, according to CNN. Some of the Americans lucky enough to get out of the embattled country have landed on safe ground today in the country of Malta. Many of escapees are teachers and civilian workers who were living in Libya with their children. They arrive to tell the horrors of a tyrannical government.  One evacuee told CNN that they saw the Libyan army was open firing on Libyan children in the streets, following children into their homes while he heard screams of terror; children being shot who were “carrying nothing more than pebbles”.

Some of the evacuees had to endure rough waters as they fled via boat, literally and figuratively. Some of the boats were not designed to take on rough sea water and had to dock for hours at a time. The evacuation process was described by some passengers as “pretty uncomfortable” and an “ordeal” in which they’re glad to put behind the events behind them . Tens of thousands foreigners still remain in Libya, including small children trying to find a way out. As more violence is expected to continue, human rights organizations continue to warn the world of the violence against innocent civilians. While the Libyan people look to large victories such as the takeover of a the eastern city of Benghazi — children are placed on the top of army tanks to symbolize it’s significance, potentially putting children in the cross-hairs of a government who is considering air strikes against it’s own people, killing mothers, fathers and children alike.