Woman steals donations meant for baby with brain tumor

Bree Haga, the baby battling aggressive brain cancer. Screen shot via WSPA Channel 7
A family from South Carolina has relied upon the kindness of strangers and friends with their donations to help their 19 month old toddler who is battling a brain tumor. Unfortunately, one of the donation jars that was set up on a counter at a convenience store in Boiling Springs, South Carolina was stolen. The heartless act has left the family shocked and angry. While the thief only got away with $20, it’s the donation’s intent that left the community questioning how someone could do this.

The convenience store was able to catch the woman who stole the donations on surveillance video, but police have yet to identify her. Police are hoping with continued media coverage, someone who knows the culprit will step up and report it. Several tips have already come in, but police aren’t commenting on them publicly.

Meanwhile, Bree Haga, the toddler whose grandmother says is “fighting for her life”, is undergoing her 6th chemotherapy treatment at St. Judes Hospital in Memphis, TN. According to WSPA Channel 7, little Bree only has about a 20% chance of survival.