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10 day old newborn killed by family pit bull

Photo by Jake Martin
A newborn baby in Kalamazoo, Michigan is the latest victim of a pit bull attack. The baby was mauled to death by his family’s pit bull terrier. At home at the time of his attack was his 2 year old brother and his mother who was reportedly sleeping at the same time. The Chicago Tribune reports that the mother told police that she was taking a nap concurrent with her newborn baby, but they were not in the same room.

The male pit bull was about a year old. The family’s owned the pit bull since it was a young puppy. Nieghbors report that the family actually owns 2 pit bulls. Witnesses also claim that the pit bull who was responsible for the baby’s death, was biting police when they tried to remove the dog from it’s home. Other neighbors offer a contrary depiction of the dog, saying that they never saw the dog being aggressive, even around other children.

Police are currently saying it’s unlikely that the mother will be charged as there were no signs of neglect. Police also described the scene as “the worst thing they’d ever seen”. Apparently, the baby’s condition was horrific and grotesque, making police offers cringe. The dog has since been euthanized.