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2 year old diagnosed with breast cancer survives

Photo by Moi Cody, California
The youngest person to ever be diagnosed with breast cancer, little Aleisha Hunter, was only 2 years old when she was diagnosed with a cancer which is mostly associated with women over 40. According to the Daily Mail, the Canadian toddler had to undergo a full mastectomy after the lump in her chest was determined to be malignant. Her mother, Melanie, said that she found the lump when the baby was just two years old, after drying her off from a bath. At the time, the lump was only a pea size and doctors seemingly dismissed it as a harmless cyst, but the lump kept growing. A lump that continues to grow can be an alarming sign of disease. Along with the growing tumor, Aleisha experienced excruciating pain which lead her mother to seek further answers and subsequently have the lump biopsied. The results came back as a huge to shock to her mother who never thought it could be breast cancer.

Fortunately, after the mastectomy and removal of 16 lymph nodes, which came back clear, the toddler did not need further treatment of radiation and chemotherapy. The doctors are now giving her a very positive prognosis as she continues to be checked on a regular basis.

So, how does a toddler begin to understand what breast cancer is? MT thinks Aleisha puts it best when she says, “I know I had cancer in my booby and that the doctors made it better.”