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Police: PA mother and father starve their toddler to death

Robert David Dodson, father of toddler who starved to death via KDKA-TV
A “common law” couple, ages 35 and 55, are accused of withholding food and liquid from their 15 month old daughter which police believe lead to her death. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, little Madison Violet Dodson didn’t stand much of a chance in the conditions in which she was found. She was the youngest of eight children, ranging from 15 months to age 16, who have been subsequently placed in foster homes when paramedics notified police after seeing the squalor they were living in. Police found the home uninhabitable with human and animal feces everywhere, garbage stacked all over the place, falling out of trash bags placed and cigarette butts all over the floor. All seven of the children allegedly slept on a bare, stained mattress.

The couple, Robert David Dodson and Tammy Jo Bohon were charged with child neglect and criminal homicide. The couple have reportedly been together for 17 years but are unmarried. The baby who was starved to death was born with some unreported condition whereby she needed a feeding tube to survive. Apparently, she was not fed properly or given liquids and died of starvation and dehydration.