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Police: Mother killed toddler because she 'couldn't stand his temper tantrums anymore'

Why even have children if you know you aren’t going to do everything in your power to love and protect that child? Why

Photo by Nicolas Raymond
not give them up for adoption to a couple who is wanting to love that child?

A toddler who was reported missing by his extended family, after having been missing for over a year, is suspected dead after remains of a baby were found in a closet in a Fort Wayne, Indiana home. Police were acting on a tip from someone who seeing a TV report about a missing mother and her children, after she believed she had spotted them. According to WISH TV 8, the mother admitted to forcing her toddler boy to swallow vinager and olive oil until he stopped breathing. She claims she did this because she couldn’t handle his temper tantrums. (Now that is a mother who seriously lacks coping and strategy skills.)

It is unclear if the 31 year old mother, Latisha Ann Lawson, will be charged with murder. So far, she has only been charged with child neglect. Hopefully, this is only to buy time for the Fort Wayne police department to complete their investigation as 3 year old, Jeziah King, deserves some form of justice. Lawson’s older child, 10 year old Kierra King, was found with her mother unharmed.