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Toddler in critical condition after being mauled by pit bulls

A two year old boy in North Carolina is in critical condition after being mauled by his Grandmother’s 4 pit bulls. The baby was saved by a good Samaritan and service station owner, when a man pulled into his gas station telling him a baby was being attacked by dogs. The service station owner got his gun and shot and killed one of the dogs, allowing him to free the baby, according to The Citizens Times.

The owner of the dog, who is also the baby’s Grandmother was reportedly pleading with the man not to shoot the dogs. (Can you imagine?..Your Grandchild is being torn apart by ferocious pit bulls and you’re worried about the dog’s well being??? You’ve got to be kidding me!)

The town councilman probably said it best when he told the Citizen Times, “…if people can’t control a potentially dangerous animal like a pit bull, the town will.”

“Just the irresponsibility of the owner,” he said. “It makes me sick to my stomach.”