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Baby killed by pit bull

A 4 day old newborn baby was attacked and killed by his family pit bull. The infant newborn has subsequently died. The mother of the Jacksonville newborn says she only left the baby alone for a few seconds, as reported by WALB News Channel 10. Their neighbor also own a pit bull and explained to WALB 10 that he’s afraid the attack will further tarnish the pit bull’s reputation.

The tragedy is under investigation and the pit bull has been put down, but police are now considering charging its owners and parents of the dead newborn with neglect. The story about leaving the baby alone for only moments — if it’s true, then the dog is a monster — waiting for just moments when it’s alone with the baby to kill it — if y she left the baby alone with the pit bull terror, then that is cause enough for concern.

Furthermore, the neighbor who is focusing on how this will effect the breeds reputation is appalling — as if that is somehow more important than the life of an innocent baby. Priorities people!