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Parents accused of torturing and abusing 5 week old baby

A 5 week old baby in Muncie, Indiana has apparently come into this world in a torture chamber. The infant boy, Brayden Wihebrink, was taken to a local hospital where he was found to have multiple fractures all over his body, including his color bone, upper leg, lower leg, arms as well as some previously broken bones that were healing. He was also found to have brain injuries, according to Indy Channel News 6.

The parents, Michael Wihebrink, 25, and Crystal Saunders, 19, were both charged with neglect and the father with additional battery. (“Neglect” seems almost insulting though as it’s such an understatement in this case.)

No information has been offered as to how and why he was ultimately taken to the hospital or who took him there. Let’s hope the infant makes a full recovery as there could be a chance of permanent brain damage.