Mom of missing 5 year old dated and befriended sex offenders

What mother in her right mind would think it’s a good idea to sleep with pedophiles and have them hang out with their preschool aged child? This may be a clue as to how much she cared for the little girl. Obviously the mom cares more about herself and probably knows more than she’s letting on. In my opinion, whatever happened to that poor baby, the sex offenders should get at the very least life and the mother should be charged with being an accomplice. What did she think would happen when she offered up her daughter to child rapists to be a “father figure”? Moron!!!

MONROE, Mich. — Investigators continue to search for a missing 5-year-old girl whose mother spoke of a sex offender considered a person of interest in the case as a “father figure” to her daughter, who disappeared five days ago.

Police found a blood-stained towel, shorts and a photo of a girl similar to Nevaeh Buchanan during a search of the motel room where 36-year-old George Kennedy, a registered sex offender, was staying Thursday. Kennedy is a longtime acquaintance of the girl’s mother, Jennifer Buchanan.