Photos show Casey Anthony partying after daughter's disappearance

New photos have surfaced that show Casey Anthony — mother of missing girl Caylee Anthony — looking less than distraught as she whooped it up in a local nightclub. These details were released on a recent airing of Fox’s “On the Record” show with Greta Van Susteren. Here’s part of the transcript:

But first up tonight, “On the Record” obtains shocking new photos of Casey Anthony partying at a club days after she says her daughter went missing. Casey is behind bars tonight, a person of interest in what police say may be the homicide of her little daughter, Caylee. Casey claims she left her daughter with a baby-sitter on June 9, and that when she returned to pick her up, little Caylee was gone.

It took five weeks before the child was reported missing, and now we know what Casey Anthony was doing for part of that time, these pictures taken at a club on June 20, while Casey says she was conducting her own search for her daughter.