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Mother drowns her two young daughters in murder-suicide

I just can’t stand to hear another story like this. A mother kills herself and her two small children, one toddler and one 6 year old by drowning herself and the two children in a river brook.

Police tried to save them, but the mom was determined to end their lives and had no intention of sparing her children the suffering of drowning and the fear of their last moments – murder by the hands of their own mother.

When, oh, when are we going to wake up as a society and help children in our own backyard who are victims of their parents screwed up intentions, abuse, depression and whatever else excuse we so conveniently shrug off? Mothers diagnosed with depression need more than some counseling and medications. They need constant monitoring and intervention from social services in effort to take their children away if a parent cannot be responsible. We cannot sit here and allow these crazy and/or depressed moms and dads to incompetently raise children. MT hopes that children are worth more than an, “Oh, well”, to the situation. MT finds it deplorable that these women are given sympathy instead of scorn. Nothing about this is noble or misconstrued. This is a murder/suicide and those children deserved better.

WARDSBORO, Vt. (AP) — A woman apparently intent on suicide waded into a brook carrying her 6-year-old daughter and purposely eluded the grasp of a police officer attempting to rescue her before being swept downstream, police said Sunday.

Both Nicole Waring and the child died, and a search continued Sunday for Waring’s 2 1/2-year-old daughter.

“For whatever reason, it was a deliberate action,” said Vermont State Police Capt. David Covell.

Waring, 40, was reported missing early Saturday after she disappeared from her parents’ Wardsboro house with the two girls, the state police said.

As troopers began preparing a search party, State Police Sgt. Robert McCarthy spotted Waring and a child standing on the edge of Wardsboro Brook, about 100 yards from the parents’ home, Covell said.

Normally placid, the brook was swollen with rain and snowmelt and had a swift current.

McCarthy tried to talk to Waring but she ignored him and walked into the water holding the child, police said.