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Mother stood by while boyfriend beat toddler to death

MT can’t even think of an appropriate punishment for such evil people.

Reports reveal that the mother knowingly allowed her boyfriend to beat the child on a regular basis and was fully aware he was beating the child with a cord and heard her cries and screaming and just went on her merry way. She was probably grateful that someone else was going to take the fall for getting rid of a baby she obviously felt was a burden.

Then, she puts on a good show for the police, crying and asking about the condition of her baby as she sat in the police station. MT thinks this was a calculated effort on her part to lessen her jail time as an accessory. After all, Judges an Juries fall for that crap all the time. Especially since jurors are the ones who aren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty, we leave our children’s fate in their hands.

While the mother stood by and watched her boyfriend beat her baby to death with a video game cord, she did nothing, yet cried at police station asking for updates on her baby??? Are you kidding me????? Sounds like she put on a good show, probably more concerned about thwarting jail time than her baby.

The mother admitted that the boyfriend had been beating the toddler for months. BOTH of them need to be charged with murder. This is outrageous. Can anybody imagine the suffering and pain this little baby went though before her body finally gave up?

During questioning at the police station, Johnson admitted to beating the girl but did not say why, Ward said. The toddler was beaten with a video game controller and cord, according to charging documents.

Just before 2:30 p.m. Sunday, the mother and boyfriend had called 911 to report the injured toddler, Ward said. After the beating, Johnson put the toddler in a bathtub to revive her but she remained unresponsive, according to court records.

Johnson then brought the wet, limp and unresponsive child to Baez and the two began CPR, court records say.

Afterward, the mother told police Johnson was beating her daughter and the child was screaming and then stopped, according to charging documents.

Baez was charged because she was home when Johnson allegedly beat the toddler but did not intervene or try to get help, Ward said.