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Florida mom uses car power washer on toddler

Now, our kids can get just as unruly as the next, and we’ll admit we’ve daydreamed about some creative punishments for the little buggers — locking them in the garage, throwing them in an alligator pit, running them through the car wash… the difference is that these are fantasy stress relievers, we don’t actually do it.

A Florida mother caught on tape using a pressurized hose at a car wash to discipline her toddler daughter could end up in hot water after police meet Friday to consider filing child endangerment charges.

“She appeared [to be] a parent who thought she was disciplining her child for acting up. It’s a unique form of punishment that I don’t think anyone has ever seen,” Commander Matt Irwin of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said Friday on TODAY. “It’s not acceptable in my mind.”

The incident began on Feb. 24 when a white Hyundai Elantra pulled into a self-service bay at the Magical Car Wash in Orlando…

Police later determined that the toddler’s mother, who is 22 and five months pregnant, pulled into the car wash for the sole purpose of hosing down her daughter — possibly for wetting herself in the backseat of the car.

At the end of the surveillance tape of the incident, which police seized as potential evidence, the woman is seen stripping her daughter’s soaked clothes off and wrapping her up in a towel.

The woman has since turned herself into police. She has not been publicly identified.